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TANA Recycling Machinery (UK) Ltd

Ever since 1971, Tana has been in the forefront of designing and manufacturing robust machinery for the purposes of solid waste management.

With decades of experience on the needs and requirements of landfill and waste management operators, in the early 2000's Tana expanded its machine selection with the TANA Shark mobile shredders. Tana Recycling Machinery (UK) Limited is the sole UK distributor for all Tana products.

Tana (UK) Ltd was established in May 2016 and  has been the forefront of delivering unmatched versatility to the UK recycling industry. 

Centrally located in Doncaster, South Yorkshire we are well positioned to support the whole of the UK with any sales, warranty, spares and service requirements.

Tana Recycling Machinery (UK) Ltd understand the value and importance of having reliable equipment on your site, so working alongside the Tana brand, we aim to help maximise your investment.

Last year Tana UK had the honor of receiving the international dealer of the year award for outstanding performance. 

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