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TANA Disc Screen

TANA X553T Disc Screen - NEW

X553T Kiekkoseula 02.png
  • TANA X553T - 3 Fractions

  • TANA X552T - 2 Fractions

All you need in one modular package.

Thanks to it's easy adjustability and the unique intelligence behind it, the TANA Disc Screen is the most versatile screening solution. The machine with it's modular screening deck design can be easily configured for two or three fraction screening, based on the customers’ needs. With the TANA disc screen the screening process can easily be optimized based on materials, feeding methods and process requirements.

The TANA disc screen is equipped with a new version of the proven and well-known TANA Control System (TCS). There are pre-set screening programs for a variety of different materials which can be adjusted and finetuned for maximum process optimization. The programs can be configured, for example, by adjusting the disc deck rotation speed, the inclination angle of the entire screening area, and the auto-reverse function parameters for smooth and continuous operation.

The fraction conveyors are equipped with scale systems that provide mass flow data on the screening process to easily monitor the whole process and the fractions. This data is available both in the TCS display and in the TANA ProTrack® system.


The side panels can be raised for cleaning and maintenance and to gain access to the modular screening deck for change in particle size setting.
Two fraction screening as standard.
Three fraction screening as an option

The patented design of the TANA screening discs ensure maximum performance with minimal wrapping and clogging and allows easy cleaning and maintenance.
Paired with the auto-reverse function of the TCS, the TANA Disc Screen is a reliable screening companion.


Fraction Screening 


Two fraction screening as standard. Three fraction screening as an option. All fraction conveyors can be lowered into a horizontal position for easy cleaning and maintenance.

The TANA Disc Screen is a screening solution for pre-treated waste materials from which large and heavy contaminants are removed. The most common reason for screening is for example:

  • Producing a certain particle size for recycling and/or incineration processes

  • Improving quality in terms of partial size and cleanliness (RDF / SRF)

  • Removal of inert inorganic fines 

Processing C&I waste Disc Screen.png

The TANA X553T is the most versatile screening solution and it's able to screen almost everything with minimal clogging.

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