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TANA ProTrack®

The TANA ProTrack® is a completely new way of pronouncing performance. It is a service concept that is based on intelligent technology and it utilizes Tana’s digital services. The TANA ProTrack® collects, analyses and presents the data that is produced by Tana Machines for the customers, so that they can enhance their own business. It is a fresh indication of how industrial internet is able to improve business.

With the TANA ProTrack® the machinery merge into coherent system, which increases the reliability of the working site, engages the personnel and helps to improve customer’s business processes.



Based on the data that the machines collect, TANA ProTrack® presents concretely and clearly how much the customer gains profit, how much the expenses are and how the business could be enhanced even more. It is also possible to connect other manufacturers’ machines to the TANA ProTrack®.

TANA ProTrack® is not just a tracking tool for monitoring the revenues and expenses, but it also offers a possibility for the customer to significantly improve personnel’s engagement to the company and to the work. When workers at the site see the same information in real time, they have a better conception of the site’s productivity. Seeing the numbers and understanding the waypoints motivates to work even more efficiently.


With TANA ProTrack® you can monitor the machines in real time and get up to date reports on its performance and any faults.

Receive a live feed directly to your phone from anywhere. this shows you the operation time, tonnage , speed, output, error codes and even who's operating the machine. This allows the customer to keep track of there waste stream like never before.

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Making your job easier

Tana is a forerunner in providing solutions for the evolving needs in the field of solid waste management. Our focus is at how we can help our customers to make more money. Robust machines with smart mechanical solutions are just one part of that. More importantly we are concerned with developing intelligent machines that can provide our customers with real time information about their own operation. This site is where we share experience and insights about upcoming developments. Stay tuned.

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Track your operations in real time - Monitor costs and maximize profits and efficiency. Designed to be easy to use, intuitive and secure.

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