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TANA Landfill Compactor Models 

TANA H Series Compactor - NEW

TANA H520 compactor with shadow.png
  • TANA H260 Eco - 26 tons*

  • TANA H320 Eco - 32 tons*

  • TANA H520 Eco - 52 tons*

TANA_E520_shadow light.png

TANA E Series Compactor

  • TANA E260 - 26 tons*

  • TANA E320 - 32 tons*

  • TANA E380 - 38 tons*

  • TANA E450 - 45 tons*

  • TANA E520 - 52 tons*

The most productive waste compactor on the market

Tana is the first brand to come up with a waste compactor specially built for the landfill market. The current TANA H-series is the result of long-term product development and proven solutions that offer excellent user benefits. The compactors are equipped with unique features that set them apart from other compactors on the market.


The rigid frame provides optimum crushing force. This is why the TANA compactor is built around a rigid articulated frame which allows a crushing force of up to 100% on a single barrel drum compared to a four-wheel oscillating vehicle of similar weight.

The unique TANA design with its twin drums, rigid frame and crushing teeth stands for proven durable solutions. This design provides maximized up time of the machine.

With fewer passes, simplified maintenance, good drivability, and easier machine management and controls, the TANA H & E Series compactors are able to handle waste on landfill sites in a cost-efficient way, providing better compaction and waste treatment capacity with lower operating costs.


  • Double drum wheels: Fewer passes through, regular and dense surfaces

  • Rigid frame: Better compaction capacity

  • Sheepfeet: Optimization of their size, shape and number for a better spreading and a more efficient compaction of the waste.

  • TANA ProTrack® To reduce downtime, improve cost analysis and get insights on your returns. To reduce downtime and improve cost analysis.

Save 10% with higher compaction! Landfill airspace is expensive but with a TANA landfill compactor you can achieve highest level of compaction and save on average 10%.


TANA Control System (TCS)


All TANA H & E Series compactors are equipped with TANA Control System (TCS), which monitors and controls all machine functions. The settings can be altered and monitored through an LCD panel located in the operator's cabin.

 The TCS has a user-friendly interface with a simple operating menu and a four-color display. The monitoring system of the TCS gives the operator all necessary tools to determine machine faults and prevent any damage being caused to the machine.

How to choose the right compactor


Choosing the right compactor can be challenging, so here is a guide to make sure you've got the right machine for the job.

Managers guide to landfill management


This is an in-depth guide for landfill operators on the best practices for managing a landfill.

TANA Under the Hood / Compactor  1:10

Rigid frame design provides multiple advantages: maximum crushing force, excellent traction, minimized cabin swing, maximum compaction.

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