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TANA Shark Shredder

What separates TANA Shark from the competition is its versatility. The TANA Shark can process various different materials, allowing the user take full advantage of various waste streams.

TANA Shark’s changeable screens make producing an end-product in various particle sizes easy. The Shark can do both pre-shredding as well as produce a homogeneous end-product – one Shark can replace even two machines!

TANA Shark 440ET_cd.jpg

TANA Landfill Compactor

TANA landfill compactors are the first purpose-built compactors in the world.

The stand-out features of the structure are the two full width drums and the rigid, non-oscillating frame.

They result in better compaction and higher waste treatment capacity with lower operating costs and in fewer passes. 

The unique design results in a compaction guarantee of minimum 10% compared to previous machines and data given by TANA ProTrack® allows operations to be optimized for maximum profitability

TANA Disc Screen

By screening waste, you can produce a certain particle size for recycling, re-use and improve end product quality in terms of particle size or remove inert inorganic fines. To enhance your waste management operations, TANA X553T disc screen is a superior solution.

The TANA X553T disc screen is the most versatile screening solution and it's able to screen almost everything with minimal clogging.

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